This class is phenomenal. Jess is a great instructor with calming words, advice on technique, and advice on pregnancy and birthing. The class becomes an inviting space and a support system. Any questions or concerns can be discussed and answered. We’re all going through this together. I always feel so strong and confident with my body after this class. It is a place to rest and relax no matter what the week has thrown at us. I would highly recommend this class.
— Stephanie
Prenatal yoga with Jess was an essential part of my preparation for a successful vbac! I loved the time each week to circle up and share with other preggo mamas and then all practice together. My breath was key to getting me through my labor. And every time I left the class I somehow felt there was more room in my body for baby and the rest of my insides!
— Brittain
Jess is an amazing instructor. Coming into the class the first week I thought it would be like any regular yoga class where we just get right to it. Here, Jess gives the time for us as moms-to-be or current moms to get to know one another, share our hopes and our concerns and gain some very helpful knowledge based on info and experience she has. She made us feel welcomed and comfortable and ensured we could get what we need physically and emotionally. She has a wonderful light about her and I can’t wait for the next session!
— Hope

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I hereby accept this waiver and release of liability of Inspired Yoga Plus, LLC, (hereinafter “PROGRAM”), as a condition of participation in yoga classes, training and other related activities in the PROGRAM. I agree to this release of claims and waiver of liability and assume full responsibility for any injury, damage or loss, which may result from participation in classes at any facility where instruction is provided.

I understand that yoga may involve a high level of physical and emotional exertion, and as such, participation in yoga classes involves inherent risks and may result in accident or injury. If I experience any pain or discomfort, I will listen to my body at all times, and make the necessary adjustments to suit my body’s needs.

I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with a physician/my child’s physician prior to and regarding participation in any physical activity, if I feel it is necessary. I represent and warrant that I am/my child is physically fit and able to participate and have no medical conditions that would be exacerbated by the practice of yoga. If I choose to engage in any yoga practice without consulting a physician, I take full responsibility of my body and/or future injuries that may occur from yoga. Should my/my child’s medical condition at any time change in any way which would prevent safe participation in any of the yoga classes I choose to attend (with or without my child), I agree to immediately discontinue attending classes and to consult with my physician/my child’s physician about continuing or resuming participation in the practice of yoga. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to inform the teacher of any medical changes which may occur to myself, fetus, baby or babies. I understand that none of the instructors in the PROGRAM will suggest medical advice or treatment to any participants, as only licensed professionals are qualified to give medical advice. I have been advised and understand that yoga classes may include postures and cardiovascular activity that can be categorized at different levels from beginner through advanced, and I understand that I am responsible for all of my actions in class and determining the level of exertion that is appropriate for me/my child.

I hereby waive and release any and all claims or actions I may now or in the future have and release from all liability and agree not to sue Inspired Yoga Plus, LLC, it’s members, officers, employees, agents, or instructors (including independent contractors), including their respective heirs, successors and assigns (collectively, the “Released Parties”), for any damages, costs of losses of any kind whatsoever, including, but not limited to, damages, costs or losses from emotional or personal injury, death, or property damage incurred or suffered by me, as a result of my attendance at yoga classes or use of any other goods or services provided by the PROGRAM, or any act of omission including negligence or breach of any statutory or other duty of care on the part of any of the Release Parties, arising out of or related to attendance at and participation in yoga classes or use of any other goods or services provided by the PROGRAM. I further agree to comply with any and all policies in effect from time to time governing my conduct and behavior in yoga classes at the Locations and further agree that the PROGRAM reserves the right to refuse service to any person who does not comply with any such policies, whether or not such policies are written or oral.
I understand that yoga and all activities and instruction provided by the PROGRAM includes, but is not limited to, physical movements, stretching, breathing exercises, strengthening exercises, meditation techniques, and hands-on physical adjustments for the purpose of improving alignment or understanding of movement; and that I/my child may decline any of these options.

Photo Release:
I give the PROGRAM permission to take instructional and promotional pictures and videos of myself/my child during class time. I give permission to the PROGRAM to use photos/videos of myself/my child in promotional materials, on the website, in social media supporting the community aspect of this practice.

I have had sufficient time to review and seek explanation of this release. I have carefully read it and fully understand it. I voluntarily enter into this release.